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    What's a good way to have a lecture/interview entry deleted? I left some notes on the articles but still see them in the timeline list. Thanks!
    -2023/05/25 16:26:26
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    Would be great to get email updates?
    -2023/01/21 18:39:18
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    Maybe I'm just missing the page, I've looked around a bunch, but is there any kind of standard for transcription or at least loose guidelines for things like punctuation or filler words (ums and uhs etc.)? Love the site - glad to contribute!
    -2022/01/02 19:51:51
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    Absolutely great page! One small suggestion: user's page should also have a column for "minutes transcribed", not just "slots" :)
    -2021/06/04 20:20:27
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    Fantastic idea! However , , , ,the fact that there seems to be no admin, no answers to the questions on this page for instance, make me wonder about its integrity. Hope it's all good.
    -2020/11/04 14:34:27
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    Amazing site and glad to contribute! <3
    -2020/09/30 19:41:36
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    Whomever you are that are ceaselessly devoted to this historical necessary task, Thank you! It will deeply reward me to be able to contribute and I will make time to help transcribe. Thank you again This is IMPORTANT. Leticia Castaneda
    -2020/07/08 18:43:15
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    Love the site. Would be nice to see it on GitHub/GitLab so it can be cloned in case something ever happens to it!
    -2020/07/04 14:28:20
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    Ive found a whole transcript of "Vertigo at History´s Edge". But I dont really want to put it into 5minute-bits to enter it here. Would it be possible to enter the whole talk at once, like the whole 70 minutes
    -2020/05/15 14:18:14
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    Fantastic tool, thank you for providing it! I've submitted several translations for review. Have found that the top of the page with the translation entry editor shows a stop time 1 minute longer than what I selected, so I've translated too far a couple sections. I started at the proper beginning of the next ones, so there will appear some overlap in the review. I'll pay more attention to the number before getting to the editor so I know where to stop.
    -2020/05/05 05:55:43
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    -2020/05/04 01:44:50