General Information


Contains all the known talks/lectures ordered by date listed from the oldest to newest. The talks without a known date will be displayed at the bottom of this timeline under the "n/a" header.
  • Talks/lectures can be added to the timeline by hitting the "Add Talk" button at the top of the page.
  • The timeline is not directly editable. The page is created automatically.


Lists all available transcribable transcripts and the users pending transcripts.
  • Only talks which have been given a duration (either manually or via a youtube link) can be transcribed.
  • Once a slot has been marked as complete by the transcriber, it will go through the review process.

Slot Review

Shows all transcript slots that need reviewing.
  • Users vote on whether a transcript is acceptable.
  • Transcripts with reject votes need further review.


Shows all changes made to the talks.
  • Any aspect of a talk/lecture can be modified. Such as links associated with the talk, dates, name, duration etc...
  • Admins/Mods can reject changes reverting talk to a previous state.


The users page lists all the users who have transcribed,reviewed or changed something.
  • Links to user profiles showing all interactions made in the wiki.


Page to leave feedback about the wiki.
  • Leave suggestions for improvement or anything else.